ООО «IMS Innovative Modular Systems»

Unique innovative breweries IRISTON (200 – 20 000 l/day)

Significant superiority over all other brewery systems:

  1. Possibility to produce unique kinds of beer which are impossible to brew on any other equipment
  2. The lowest energy consumption in the world – up to 2 times
  3. The most compact system in the world
  4. German components and full automation
  5. Assembled in Russia
  6. Direct full warranty – 1 year
  7. PLUG&BREW turnkey system
«IMS – Innovative Modular Systems»
143345, Moscow region, POS. Selyatino, Professional str., b. 7

General Director
GMP Certified Professional
Kaytuktay Chermen PhD

Дополнительные преимущества

  • Немецкое качество
  • Немецкие комплектующие
  • Сделано в России