Yeast propagation systems

Yeast propagation systems are designed to produce pure yeast culture in required amount during every 24 hours. These systems are manufactured according our own patented inventions and guarantee highest possible quality parameters of received yeasts, with maximum quantity of cells in every ml and in a shortest time.

Innovative Yeast propagation systems guarantee needed quantity production of yeasts during 24hrs

  1. 1. With minimal amount of dead cells
  2. 2. With cells concentration more than 120 mln. cells/ml
  3. 3. All cells on logarithmic phase
  4. 4. With maximum amount of fat cells
  1. Beverage_industry_No3_2006
  2. Beverage_industry_No4_2006
  3. Brawelt_No2_2003
  4. Brawelt_No2_2004
  5. Brawelt_No5_2004
  6. Автореферат 27.04
  7. Хранение и перераб сельхозсырья №5, 2007
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