Micro brewery systems

Drum malting systems designed to produce malt from barley, wheat, rye and other cereals with constant highest possible quality of malt. These systems allow to produce wide variety of malts: light malt, caramel malt, dark malt etc. all technological processes: washing, soaking, germination and drying perform in the same drum that guarantee gentle treatment of grain and allow to control all technological parameters due to process automation.


  1. 3. Technological steps are automated
  2. 4. Manual operation
Parameter measure unit K2
Production capacity l/day 200
Production area required sq.m. 10
Power connection kWt 10
Water consumption l/day 300
Number of personnel 1
price Thd $ 0.85
«IMS – Innovative Modular Systems»
143345, Moscow region, POS. Selyatino, Professional str., b. 7

General Director
GMP Certified Professional
Kaytuktay Chermen PhD

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