Mobile container breweries – are unique type of breweries in which all brewing equipment is integrated in a standard 40 feet container. Capacity of these breweries can be from 250 to 2 000 liters per day. They can be disconnected and connected on a new place during 30 minutes and you will need only water and sewage. Also you can brew beer on one place – then move to a new place where after 4 hours of rest for beer stilling you can start selling it.

This type of breweries does not need any buildings and any reconstruction works and can be very interesting for restaurant owners, as you do not need to redesign your restaurant and do not lose seats in you restaurant. More of it you can move your brewery from one restaurant to another according to consumption seasons for example from the seaside during summer to downtown in winter. Purchasing this unique mobile container brewery you will get an ability to brew beer in the most exotic places on Earth – on Antarctic continent or North Pole, on Everest or in a Sahara desert and only your imagination can restrict you!


  1. 5. Full automation BERGHOF and IFM – Germany
  2. 6. Pneumatic systems SMC – Japan
  3. 7. BIAB wort production.
  4. 8. Your types of CRAFT beer will be unrepeatable
Parameter measure unit М-3 М-10
Production capacity l/day 300 1 000
Production area required sq.m. 0 0
Power connection kWt 45 55
Water consumption l/day 600 1 800
Number of personnel 1 1
Capacity increasing up to l/day 1 000 нет


«IMS – Innovative Modular Systems»
143345, Moscow region, POS. Selyatino, Professional str., b. 7

General Director
GMP Certified Professional
Kaytuktay Chermen PhD

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