Yeast Propagation Systems

Yeast propagation system is designed to obtain the required amount of pure culture yeast with the best quality and in the shortest time. High quality of yeast is one of the most important requirements for producing beer of the highest quality. The pure yeast propagation systems can be used also as a completely independent business for growing various yeast strains and sell the prepared yeast to private breweries. Another application of yeast propagation systems is the cultivation of yeast for the production of protein concentrates in the manufacture of compound feed.

We offer pure yeast propagation units that are made according to our own patented technologies. Our systems have significant advantages over any other systems worldwide both in productivity and in the quality of the yeast obtained. All systems are manufactured according to GMP principles. These requirements are equal to those of the pharmaceutical industry and that, in its turn, guarantees high level of microbiological purity of obtained pure culture yeast.

Prices and configuration

Innovative systems of pure yeast propagation IRCELLS
Innovative systems of pure yeast propagation IRCELLS
Daily capacity (liters per day)
Equipment PRICE (EU)
50 000
75 000
90 000
125 000
200 000
300 000
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Innovative systems of pure yeast propagation guarantee that the required number of yeast cells is obtained in 24 hours